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Nurturing Growth: The Therapeutic Role of Gardening

Welcome to April! In preparing for this spring season, our team has been reflecting on the power nature has on our mental well-being. Specifically we've been researching gardening. In our previous blog, (which if you haven't had a chance to read through it now would be a great time, here is the link:, we talked about our favorite ways to bounce back from winter. In that blog, we encouraged you to get more light exposure in your daily life and to spend more time in green spaces, spaces with some plant life. In this article, we want to go through why vegetation and the cultivation of it, can bring clarity, joy, and transformation to your mental health journey.


Each aspect of the gardening process can be a metaphor that can help you look more positively at your life; your present, past and future. There is also an amazing article that we shared in our newsletter this month about the power of gardening and we will link it here as another resource for you ( Here are the different facets of gardening and how they can help you with your mental health.


Preparing the Soil:

Preparing the soil is not merely a task; it's a labor of love—an investment in the future. Just as we cultivate the earth to provide a nurturing environment for our plants to take root, we must tend to our inner soil, clearing out what no longer serves us and optimizing our mental landscape for growth. We can do this by evaluating what truly matters to us and what we truly believe. It's part of being authentic.


Carving Out Space:

Creating space for our garden is akin to carving out time for self-care and reflection. Just as we schedule weekly meetings with our plants to nurture and tend to their needs, we must carve out space in our lives for moments of stillness and introspection. Mindfulness is so important for your mental health. Be mindful of your thoughts and your actions and evaluate which ones belongs in your space and what you need to let go of to make room for the good things.


Natural Instinct to Cultivate:

At its core, gardening taps into our primal instinct to nurture and create. As we plant seeds and watch them grow, we are reminded of our innate drive to survive and thrive, to create new life and build something meaningful. In our own lives, the relationships that we are nurturing are an important aspect of our mental stability. As a reminder, one of the most significant signs of clinical depression is the tendency to self-isolate. If you want to fight your mental illness, spending time with people who care about you is essential. Invest in the people who will help you thrive.


The Beauty of Creation:

When you garden, you really are creating something new. You are putting in time and energy to facilitate the growth and design of nature to occur. This reminds us of our capacity to shape our own destinies. In the act of gardening, we find comfort in the beauty that emerges from our efforts. We are creating not only beautiful blooms but also a sanctuary or a safe space to spend our time and our lives.


Transformation and Growth:

Just as every seed planted in the earth undergoes a transformational process, we also experience transformation and growth. Gardening teaches us that change is inevitable—that stagnation is not an option. Like the plants in our garden, we must undergo a process of change and renewal to flourish. The more we growth, the more we see our resilience and capacity.


We hope that you have the opportunity to garden this year. That might mean supporting your one house plant or spending time public gardens in your local area, or visiting a farm near you. Gardening is therapeutic. It can help you remember and better understand the ideas of resilience and renewal. As we nurture our plants, we also nurture our own brains, cultivating a space for growth, beauty, and transformation. If you are looking for more support with your mental health feel free to set up a time to talk with one of our therapists near you. If you'd like to read more about authenticity and cultivating a positive mental space, check out this other article from our website:

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