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Kathrine Parnell, MSW, LCSW

Owner and Clinical Director

After graduating from California State University, Bakersfield with her Masters Degree in Social Work, Kathrine has worked with children and families in the foster care and adoption setting. She has extensive professional and personal experience helping individuals on the autism spectrum. She has also spent several years working with individuals across the age spectrum in the medical setting, including working as a neuro-oncology therapist at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  She is a skilled marriage therapist certified in the Gottman approach, and has assisted hundreds of couples in strengthening their relationships. 

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Liz Jarrard, ACMHC

Liz is experienced in working with people who have ADHD, anxiety and depression, behavioral issues, stress and self-esteem. Her strength is practicing the art of active listening and takes a client-centred, trauma informed approach to counseling. Her passion is getting to the heart of the matter—communicating compassionately and authentically with her clients. Liz is working towards full licensure as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and is under the supervision of Kathrine Parnell, LCSW.

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Carrie Harris, CSW

Whether  you  are  struggling  to  adjust  to  new  life  situations  or  feeling  in  crisis,  Carrie invites  you  to  share  your  story and work with her to conquer the  challenges you  face. She uses the Gottman method in working with couples. She also incorporates Image Transformation Therapy (IMTT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) into her work. She  works  with  children,  teens  and  adults, using  proven  methods such  as  cognitive  behavioral  and  strengths  based  therapies.  She especially  enjoys  working  with teenagers  experiencing  stress,  pressure  and  relationship  difficulties, teaching them tools to help develop  healthy  coping  strategies,  inner  strength,  and  resiliency.  Carrie invites her clients to  walk  a  path  with  her  towards  peace, balance  and  wellness.

Megan Anderson, CSW

Megan believes in providing a safe and supportive environment for people to grow, become more in tune with their emotions, and find peace within their lives. She has experience working with adults who struggle with depression, anxiety or stress, and personality disorders, and experience working with members of the LGBTQ community. She has also helped teens and youth cope with stress, family life balance, and school struggles, and has extensive training working with children and youth on the autism spectrum to adapt to and build confidence in their environment. She utilizes CBT, strength-based approach, reframing, and person-centered theory to build self-confidence and empower people to overcome their struggles. If you would like to cultivate an environment that is one of mindfulness, present-focused, and more filled with peace, please reach out to me to begin our journey towards healing. 

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Trent Peterson, CMHC

Trent has experience working with mood disorders, addictions, anxiety and depression, as well as helping couples improve communication, get through rough patches and better the quality of their relationships. He has helped countless couples regain that spark and learn to nurture the love that first brought them together. If you feel "stuck" somewhere in your life, Trent has advanced training in existential psychology and will be happy to help you find your way. Living under the weight of troubling emotions, or unsatisfying relationships, or just feeling lost can take a heavy toll on your well being. He is trained and experienced in helping in these situations, and eager to meet soon so you can start on your healthier path.

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Rebecca Ruda, CMHC

Whether you are wondering how to live with the trauma you have experienced, or whether you struggle with relationship or mental health issues, you are welcome here. I view each of my clients as heroes on their own journey, and the journey begins with learning to regulate emotions and reconnecting with the physical body. Next, we examine and question the thoughts that, when believed, cause suffering. We then dive deep into understanding what is in and out of your control, so that you can be empowered to do what you can, and let go of what is not yours to carry. Finally, we work on crafting a lifestyle that is fulfilling for you, with a focus on honesty and self-care. When these skills are put into practice, it is possible to live a happy life regardless of the circumstances.

I use the work of Byron Katie, IMTT, EMDR, EFT (tapping), ACT, mindfulness, CBT, and the Gottman method in therapy.

Amanda Hankins, APRN, FNP-C

Amanda has over 15 years of experience in the medical field.  She is passionate about offering a high standard of care to all patients she treats.  Amanda understands how difficult it can be to work towards emotional wellness.  She wants to offer a compassionate and safe place for individuals of all ages who may be seeking medication management to supplement their behavioral health treatment. 

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Charlotte Marshall,  MS, CSW

Charlotte is skilled in helping young people work through trauma, and helping children learn emotional regulation and healthy problem solving skills. She is experienced at addressing depression and anxiety in people of all ages, and  is trained in the Gottman method for couples therapy.  She has completed Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy training which assists children and caregivers cope and process traumatic experiences.  Charlotte is available to assist people of all ages to address past hurts and live happier, more peaceful lives.

Keely McGee, CSW

Keely believes that therapy should be a collaborative experience and seeks to empower her clients to achieve their goals through a strengths-based perspective. She approaches therapy with an eclectic view, using elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), and other evidence-based models tailored to her clients' personalities and needs. She enjoys working with the LGBTQIA+ community and with adolescents and adults coping with religious trauma and faith transitions, depression, anxiety, body image issues, and grief and loss. She also has experience working in the medical field, child welfare, and incarcerated settings.

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Collette Charles, CSW

If you are ready to change existing patterns in your life or make peace with your past, Collette is here to offer a safe, nonjudgmental place to bring your story. Collette has experience working with anxiety and mood disorders, trauma, faith transition, maternal mental health, and a range of sexual issues. She uses a variety of evidence based treatment modalities, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, IMTT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Creative Art Therapies. There is no need to continue struggling alone. Collette will work with you to explore your holistic needs, including your emotional, spiritual, physical, and social well being. 


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Emily Mathurin, CSW

Hi! I'm experienced in working with individuals who have suffered some type of emotional trauma, making sense of what happened to you and helping you restore balance and hope to your life. I am trained in the use of EMDR, an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.  As an experienced medical social worker I have helped many with end of life issues, people experiencing chronic illness or pain, and their caregivers. In addition to English I am fluent in Spanish, French and Haitian Creole. You're on this page because you've decided to take steps to free yourself from emotional pain. Won't you schedule an appointment with me so we can begin your healing journey soon?

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Amy Coombs, LCSW

Amy's professional experience includes working with adults and teens who have had difficulty recovering from trauma and its damaging effects. She has successfully worked with people living with anxiety, mood disorders, relationship difficulties and substance use disorders to move beyond these challenges and achieve a better life balance. She brings a compassionate approach to working with women experiencing postpartum depression.

Kehaulani Dennis, CSW

Kehaulani’s go-to modalities are trauma focused – Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and strengths- based perspective models such as Solution Focused Therapy. She is experienced working with adolescents who struggle with depression, anxiety, substance use and family dynamics. She also has experience working with survivors of domestic violence, both adults and adolescents. She enjoys incorporating  mindfulness and grounding techniques to increase people’s management of anxiety and worry. 

Front Office
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Brittney Wilson
Kimberly Taylor

Brittney Wilson is Practice Coordinator for A New View.  She has a wealth of experience overseeing the daily operations of mental health organizations.  Working with our Executive Director, Brittney is working to expand agency services and ensure high quality mental health care is being offered through ANV.

The front office is managed by Kimberly Taylor,  our front office team will be your first point of contact with A New View. When you call to make an appointment, one of our team will  take some basic information about your reason for seeking counseling and then match you with a therapist who best suits your needs. While questions about your ongoing appointments should be addressed with your therapist, the front office team ares also available to answer questions that may arise. They assist our billing specialist with processing payments and help ensure your insurance company covers their required share for your counseling appointments. They can make for you appointments with our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and they at times are in contact with our clients to help problem solve when payment issues arise. And we have them to thank for the calm, clean peaceful environment we all experience while we’re in the offices.


Victoria Hamilton, Billing Manager

Victoria and her team of billing specialists translate behavioral health care services into medical claims, which are then submitted to insurance companies. She provides billing services to dozens of providers all over the U.S.A. She follows up on all claims to ensure that insurance companies contribute their obligated portions on the client's behalf. She also provides eligibility information to patients. Victoria is available to clients to trouble shoot and coordinate insurance coverage and payments.

Questions regarding insurance or payments please email: