High Conflict Divorce

"Anger and conflict during divorce hurts children both now and later. It can affect how well they do in school and how they relate to friends now. Later in life, it can affect how they choose a wife or husband, and whether they can make a marriage last."

                                                                       Debra K. Carter, Coparenting After Divorce

People and families can be fragile. Whether you or your family are in crisis, or you're facing a new transition, we can help.

We Can Provide:

  • Coparenting

  • Family Conflict / Communication Issues

  • Family Transitions / Adjustments

  • Parent / Child Alienation & Estrangement

  • Reunification / Reintegration Therapy

  • Blended Families

  • doptive Families

  • Individual Therapy

  • Support Groups

  • Court-Ordered Counseling

  • Child and Family Therapy