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Child Therapy Office

Types of Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is the most common form of talk therapy.  It is based upon the understanding that our thoughts impact our feelings and our feelings impact our behavior.  There are many different ways in which this therapy is conducted and can be customized for children or individuals with neurodivergence.  Our therapists utilize this therapy through the lens of understanding how trauma can impact our thoughts and behaviors.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This is a modified form of CBT which is designed to help people live in the moment and develop effective coping strategies for periods of higher stress.  DBT assists with emotional regulation and improves the quality of relationships.

Gottman Method

Child at Psychologist

The Gottman method is based upon over 35 years of scientific research about relationships.  This method of therapy provides incredible tools which are tangible and easy to use for the couple.  This type of therapy is skills-based and designed to enhance the ability of the couple to manage conflict and improve communication without the ongoing aid of a therapist.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is a type of therapy aimed at helping the individual reprocess what the brain perceived to be a traumatic event.  This is done with gentle guidance from a specially trained therapist.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT promotes the idea of psychological flexibility.  By focusing on acceptance, being present, being aware of your values and implementing a plan, this type of therapy assists individuals in many different types of emotional distress.

At the Psychologist

Image Transformation Therapy

IMTT is a gentle therapy that releases the pain, fear, guilt, and/or shame of trauma and other experiences without the person needing to intensely experience the feelings.

Internal Family Systems

In IFS, people learn to become aware of inner parts which help protect us and guide us in our lives.  If you have seen the movie, INSIDE OUT, this is the premise of IFS.  All our parts are welcome and they all can work in unity when we understand them.  With this unity, healing is present and transforms the way in which you live.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is used with children ages 3-12 to help them express emotions, heal from unresolved trauma and build positive internal growth.  Therapists working with children will also work with the parents to help them understand and implement home-based strategies to improve a child’s behavior and relationships.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy that's designed to help individuals and couples address medical, psychological, personal or interpersonal factors impacting sexual satisfaction.

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