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Clear Lake Psychological Testing Services

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

At A New View Counseling and Psychological Services in our Clear Lake office, we proudly offer psychological testing for children and adolescents. In this blog post, we'll delve into psychological testing for children and adolescents which may include issues like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Developmental Delays, Learning Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, and Behavior Disorders.

Navigating Childhood and Adolescence: A Compassionate Approach

Growing up can be a journey filled with twists and turns, highs and lows. For some children and adolescents, these paths may come with extra challenges. Recognizing and addressing these challenges is essential in helping our young ones blossom to their full potential. That's where our dedicated team at A New View Counseling and Psychological Services steps in.

Psychological Testing for Autism

Autism is a unique developmental disorder, and it often requires early diagnosis and intervention. Our expert psychologists utilize a battery of tests and assessments to evaluate and diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder. With accurate information, we can work with you to create a personalized plan that suits your child's unique needs.

IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation)

An IEE is an independent educational evaluation (IEE). If your child has received an evaluation at school and you disagree, you have the right to request an independent evaluation, and the school district must find or pay for these services. This type of evaluation is meant to be sure your child is protected and receiving appropriate care and support in school.

ADHD Assessment and Support

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can impact a child's ability to focus, learn, and engage with their surroundings. Our psychological testing services can pinpoint the presence of ADHD, enabling us to develop an individualized strategy that may involve therapy, medication, or other interventions to help your child succeed academically and socially.

Unraveling the Mystery of Dyslexia

Dyslexia can hinder reading and language skills, making school a daunting place for many children. Our psychological testing helps determine if dyslexia is a factor affecting your child's learning. Armed with this information, we can guide you toward tailored interventions that can empower your child to overcome challenges and develop strong literacy skills.

Developmental Delays and Learning Disorders

Some children may experience developmental delays or learning disorders that impact their overall growth and education. Our psychological testing can identify these issues and serve as the starting point for crafting personalized strategies and interventions to enhance your child's development.

Addressing Anxiety and Depression

Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression are not limited to adults. Children and adolescents can also experience these challenges. Through psychological testing, we can accurately diagnose these conditions and create a treatment plan, which may include therapy, counseling, or other appropriate methods, to support your child's emotional well-being.

Navigating Behavioral Challenges

Behavioral disorders in children can be complex and challenging for families to manage. Our psychological testing can shed light on the underlying causes and triggers of behavioral issues, allowing us to implement evidence-based interventions that promote healthier, more positive behaviors.

Testing and assessments are performed by Dr. Becky Siekierski, Ph.D., LSSP, NCSP, and Dr. Nicole Anderson, Ph.D., LSSP. They have both provided testing for years at the previous Clear Lake Children's Center which is now A New View Counseling and Psychological Services.

Why Choose A New View Counseling and Psychological Services?

At our Clear Lake office, we believe in a holistic approach to mental health. We understand that every child is unique, and their journey to emotional well-being will be equally so. Here's why you should consider us:

1. Expertise: Dr. Becky and Dr. Nicole are highly experienced and compassionate psychologists who specialize in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and have done so for years.

2. Personalized Treatment Plans: We recognize that one size does not fit all, and we tailor our testing to meet your child's specific needs.

3. Supportive Environment: Our office in Clear Lake provides a warm, friendly, and confidential setting where your child can feel comfortable and at ease.

4. Collaboration: We believe in teamwork. We work closely with parents and guardians to ensure the best outcomes for the child, promoting a supportive network.

5. Compassion: We understand that seeking help can be a daunting process. Rest assured that we approach each case with empathy and a deep commitment to your child's well-being.

A New View Counseling and Psychological Services: Your Partner in Healing

In the Clear Lake office of A New View Counseling and Psychological Services, we are dedicated to nurturing the well-being of your child. Our psychological testing services for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Developmental Delays, Learning Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, and Behavior Disorders aim to provide a comprehensive view of your child's needs, laying the foundation for a brighter future.

Contact us today, and let us be your partner on this journey towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled tomorrow.

Contact us at: (281) 407-5658


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