Medication Management

Prescribed medications can play a key role in the treatment of mental health. They can reduce symptoms and prevent relapse of a psychiatric disorder. For example, a medication can ease symptoms of depression like loss of energy and lack of concentration, allowing an individual to engage more in talk therapy. Medications can also help patients minimize cravings and maintain abstinence from addictive substances.


Medication management of mental heath symptoms is provided at A New View Counseling by board certified Amanda Hankins, APRN, FNP-C.   Amanda is an advocate for individuals addressing their own emotional wellness.  Her first appointment with a patient is designed to hear what their goals are and join with them to develop a plan to treat her patients in an integrative, holistic manner. She creates a safe, comfortable, understanding space where patients can communicate honestly to progress toward the results they seek and need. At A New View, we believe medication, nutrition and self-care are ways in which symptoms can be alleviated and can give the patient a chance at living life to its fullest. We are now accepting Blue Cross/Blue Shield for medication management appointments.

For an appointment call our office at (801) 209-9797.